Joplin, Sarcoxie, Webb City MO Business Insurance and Auto Insurance in Carthage

Business insurance tailored to your requirements

The Southwest Agency provides cost effective business insurance solutions throughout Joplin, Sarcoxie MO and Webb City. They can help you whether you are a small business, a big business or somewhere in between.  Their business insurance solutions include general liabilities, public liability, professional indemnity, commercial auto, property insurance, loss of income, bonding services, commercial umbrella, comprehensive and more.

Commercial insurance is a complex field and best left to the professionals. As business owner or manager, you have a lot on your plate and don’t have time to deal with the nitty gritty of business insurance. That is why it makes sense to deal with a professional and independent agent who takes the time to understand your business and related insurance requirements.

There are certain risks that are common to all business large or small. These include accidents, fire damage, storm damage, loss of income and liability suits.  A business owner’s policy is designed to cover certain common risks such as property, liabilities and loss of income. However, a BOP does not include workers compensation, commercial auto or group medical.

Each business also has its own unique risks and requirements. A farmer will face unique risks such loss of crop or cattle. A building contractor may require special insurance such as a builder’s bond. A commercial transporter may require passenger liability or good in transit insurance.

Trying to figure out the right mix and match of business insurance policies can be confusing and frustrating. That is why you should talk to one of commercial insurance consultants at Southwest. They understand business insurance and can custom tailor business insurance plans to match your risk profile. That way you get insurance that will cover your real business risks at a price you can afford.


Joplin, Sarcoxie, Webb City MO Business Insurance. Auto Insurance in Carthage, Joplin, Sarcoxie, Webb City MO.