Contractors Insurance and Car Insurance in Webb City, Joplin, Carthage MO, and Surrounding Areas

Contractors insurance is special type of commercial insurance for business involved in contracting such as builders, landscapers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, installers and construction companies. The Southwest Agency can help you with contractor’s insurance in Carthage MO, Joplin, Marionsville, Sarcoxie MO or Webb City. They are a locally owned independent insurance agency and they work for you, not the insurance carrier.

They know there are different types of contractors and they understand the risks and challenges that you face on a daily basis.  Whether you are in construction, building, landscaping, home improvements, consulting, commercial cleaning or catering, you need contractor’s insurance. Even if just provide general handy man services, you should have contractors’ insurance.

A solid contractor’s insurance package should cover the following:

  • Errors and omissions
  • Bodily injury and property damage
  • Medical and disability
  • Workers compensation
  • Liability cover
  • Loss of income / business interruption
  • Commercial property

If you provide professional consulting service, you always have the risk that a customer could suffer loss because of your recommendations. Errors and omissions coverage can help protect you against such claims.

Injury to others or damage to a third party’s property is always a risk. Liability insurance will have your back in such an event.

Some contractors do dangerous work and the risk of personal injury or injury to workers is always a concern. Some type of personal injury protection plan is important. You should also have workmen’s’ compensation to cover work related injuries.

As a contractor you will likely have vehicles and expensive equipment that could get damaged, stolen or lost. You should have commercial auto as well as general property insurance to cover your valuable assets.

Whether you are a carpenter in Carthage MO, a builder in Joplin, an electrician in Marionsville, a landscaper in Sarcoxie MO or a plumber in Webb City, the Southwest Agency can help protect you and your business with solid contractor’s insurance.

Contractors Insurance and Car Insurance in Webb City, Joplin, and Carthage MO. Offering Farm Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Property Insurance, Business Insurance.